Our Technology

A recent discovery done at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) have led to the invention of a new type of electrolyte for supercapacitors. This new type of electrolyte is a hybrid between an aqueous and an organic electrolyte, which offers the low cost, high conductivity and environmentally friendliness of an aqueous electrolyte, while allowing a high voltage handling capability approaching that of an organic electrolyte.

This patented electrolyte technology utilizes novel materials and nanotechnology to achieve a performance which is unseen in the traditional supercapacitors. Additionally, this technology enables the replacement of all environmentally harmful components of traditional supercapacitors meaning the InnoCell supercapacitor is an even greener energy-storage technology.

InnoCell is working to combine this electrolyte technology with its patented technology to create high-voltage multi-electrode supercapacitors thereby offering a supercapacitor with a vastly improved performance.